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Meet Tony

Okay where do I start?  Well, I guess at the beginning.  Sixty nine years is a long time and many important experiences have shaped my perspective .  For now, a few bullet points will do.  When we meet, I will elaborate with some great stories.

  • Born in Buffalo, NY in 1953, the same year that the first color tv appeared in American homes.

  • Migrated to Cedar Rapids, where I spent all of my pre-adult life. Attended St Patrick and St Jude schools, then on to Cleveland Elem, Roosevelt MS and on to Thomas Jefferson HS, graduating in 1971.

  • When I was eight my parents were divorced.  My mother and four other siblings quickly found ourselves "in need".  With no support from our father, I can vividly remember going down to the county courthouse to get our much needed monthly allotment of FDA food, which eventually evolved into the Food Stamp program.  My mother always worked and I learned a great deal about sacrifice and hard work from her.

  • Entered US Air Force in fall of 1971, honorably discharged in fall of 1975, then off to college.  My undergraduate work in Education at Coe College, then a Masters degree in Educational Technology at Clarke University. Extremely grateful for the G.I. Bill.  

  • Married Jaclyn Jo Campbell in 1977.  Yes, we just celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary.  Truly the proverbial farmer’s daughter, Jo and her parents (John and Phyllis Campbell) have taught this “city boy” much about farming and the rewards of living and working the land.  Our family continues this tradition by maintaining the farm just west of Monticello.

  • Jo and I have two wonderful adult children, their partners in life and two grandchildren.  It's been rewarding to watch our children, and their families, navigate life with grace and understanding.

  • Most of my career was spent in the classroom, challenging young minds to be critical thinkers and responsible citizens in a diverse society.  As a Social Studies teacher, Government was my favorite course.  After 32 years, I began a new direction as an Technology Consultant for Grant Wood Educational Agency. Then in 2014, I entered the private sector as an Education Account Manager for a local technology company, retiring in 2019.

    Currently, I am a volunteer at our local food pantry and involved in local community efforts, as well as the Jones County Democrats. 

And now, I find myself applying for yet another challenging job as your representative in the Iowa Legislature.


So, why run for office? 


Like many Iowans, I am concerned about the path the Iowa Legislature has taken the last few years.


With one party in control of all three branches of government, we have seen legislation passed that disrespects the personal rights of Iowans, attacks on our public schools, and attempts to micromanage local governments by removing local control over important local decision-making.

With your help, we can take this seat, and join other like minded districts across the state to force legislators to propose and pass “reasonable” legislation that is well thought out, publicly debated and will reflect the interests of all Iowans.

This is why I have decided to run.


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